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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Valley Avenue Baptist Church ~ Pastor Ben Moore

Sunday, August 4th we were with Pastor Ben Moore and
Valley Avenue Baptist Church in Falls City, Nebraska.
We gave a report of our time in Nauru and preached
the afternoon service.
 We really enjoyed our time with this great church.

Pastor and Melissa singing the morning special. We love 
to hear them sing!!!

Love the banner!!

Sharing with Valley Avenue BC what the Lord
did while we spent 11 months on the island
of Nauru for missionaries
Adam and Christie McGeorge.

A church with babies and teens is a growing church!!!

Thank you to Pastor Raymond Smith of Plains Baptist Church
in Lincoln, Nebraska and Pastor Tim Ruegg of Calvary 
Baptist Church in Seward Nebraska. Our time on Sunday, 
August 11 was a great time. When we visit your
churches it is like 'coming home'.

Pastor Raymond Smith and April
Pastor Tim Ruegg and Peggy

A New and Fresh Look!!

A New and Fresh Look!
Thank you Mike and Michelle
for helping us with the
new and fresh look
of our prayer cards.
You are a real blessing to us!!