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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Aug/Sept 2014 prayer letter

Dear Pastor and Church:                                              August/September 2014

Time has been flying along since our return from Europe in April. The Lord has given us opportunities to travel and preach and give testimony of what the Lord is doing with ‘Standing In The Gap’.  Cathy has had several opportunities to speak at different Ladies meetings since we arrived home. She was also able to go with the ladies of our church to Springfield, MO for a meeting this past weekend.

Jon and Emilie Rettig drove through St. Joseph before their return to the field and we were able to spend some time together over lunch. We are thankful for them and their faithful work to the Lord and folk in the Czech Republic.

We are continuing to work on the repairs on our house after we had frozen water lines and breaks while in Europe. We are waiting for kitchen counter tops and we still have lots of painting to do.

I had some outpatient surgery on August 8th the doctor clipped a muscle in the leg I had hip replacement on in 2008. I had an allergic reaction to some medication they used and that added a bit of recovery time. This procedure is supposed to reduce the constant pain that I have in that hip and the pain has lessened some and we are very thankful for that.

Pastor and church we are asking you to pray for an open door for us to stand in for a missionary who needs to go on furlough.  Feel free to call, email us or our pastor Bill Marshall. We have stood in for Jon Rettig on three different occasions, you may contact him at (rettig@missionpraha.org) in the Czech Republic and Adam McGeorge in Nauru (adam@mcgeorgemissions.info), we stood in for him for 11 months. We also have a ‘personal need’ and we ask that you pray for that if the LORD should bring it to mind.

Standing In The Gap for YOUR missionary,
Leo and Cathy Paine
Proverbs 3:5-6