Leo & Cathy Paine "Standing In The Gap" for the missionary.
Filling the gap through *FURLOUGH RELIEF and ON-SITE ASSISTANCE!
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy Birthday America...
What a blessing to live in the greatest
nation in the world.

We were blessed to have a few hours
with missionaries Jon and Emilie Rettig.
They are missionaries to the Czech Republic.
We 'stood in the gap' for them from January to April 2014.
They will be returning to the field of 20 years
at the end of the month. Our prayers
go with them as they go back to the church
and people they worked with all these years.
These are faithful folk.

We ask that you pray with us as we 'wait' on the LORD
for direction to our next field of service.
Trusting HIM! Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

~ Time Flies ~

~ Time Flies ~
Greeted by some of the folk of Baptisticke shromazdeni
including Bro. Jon and Emilie Rettig.

While we were in the Czech Republic we enjoyed
visiting different locations.

Leo and Cathy

We enjoyed the beauty of nature.
Church meets in the lower level.

The focus of our time included the preaching for the services.
Nursery duty for Cathy with two newborns.
Wednesday night teaching the children for Cathy ~ while Leo preached.
Friday night prayer meeting.
Church cleaning etc.
We are thankful to Jon and Emilie Rettig for the opportunity to again
"Stand In The Gap" for them in the Czech Republic.
Thursday, April 3 we head to France to spend a week with Cathy's brother
and then on to Holland to be with a small group of believers.
Please continue to pray for Missionaries Jon and Emilie Rettig
and the work here so that it will continue to flourish!!
Flying home April 24 ~ See you then!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Míří do Prahy ~ Headed to Prague!!

Míří do Prahy
Headed to Prague!!
On December 26 we leave VERY early for Prague
to 'Stand In The Gap' for
missionaries Jon and Emilie Rettig.
We are excited about the opportunity to help them
as they go on furlough. 
Our address while we are there is:
Leo Paine
c/o Rettigovi
Toskanska 2500/1
253 01 Hostivice
Ceske republika
Mail can be sent and appreciated to this address until April 1!
We will also spend a couple of weeks in a small work in the
Netherlands and we can be reached there at:
Leo Paine
c/o Richard & Antoinette Groenewold
Grobbenhof 31
6932 ck Westervoort NL
We leave the Netherlands April 24 to return home.
We covet your prayers during this time and we will be
praying for YOU!!!
Have a blessed MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Standing In The Gap in the Czech Republic!

Once again the Lord has opened the door for
us to stand in for

Bro. Jon and Emilie Rettig in Prague, Czech Republic.
The plan is to be with them late December 2013 until
late March or early April 2014.  
When we leave the Czech Republic we are praying for an
open door to be able to preach for a church in 
Holland ~ please pray about that for us.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Valley Avenue Baptist Church ~ Pastor Ben Moore

Sunday, August 4th we were with Pastor Ben Moore and
Valley Avenue Baptist Church in Falls City, Nebraska.
We gave a report of our time in Nauru and preached
the afternoon service.
 We really enjoyed our time with this great church.

Pastor and Melissa singing the morning special. We love 
to hear them sing!!!

Love the banner!!

Sharing with Valley Avenue BC what the Lord
did while we spent 11 months on the island
of Nauru for missionaries
Adam and Christie McGeorge.

A church with babies and teens is a growing church!!!

Thank you to Pastor Raymond Smith of Plains Baptist Church
in Lincoln, Nebraska and Pastor Tim Ruegg of Calvary 
Baptist Church in Seward Nebraska. Our time on Sunday, 
August 11 was a great time. When we visit your
churches it is like 'coming home'.

Pastor Raymond Smith and April
Pastor Tim Ruegg and Peggy

A New and Fresh Look!!

A New and Fresh Look!
Thank you Mike and Michelle
for helping us with the
new and fresh look
of our prayer cards.
You are a real blessing to us!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Travels ... Home Again

We have returned home after nearly 2 months on the road, it is great to sleep in our own bed. We traveled accident free and no breakdowns with the van, what a blessing. Tonight for the first time in two months we will be in our home church of Bible Baptist Temple in St. Joseph, Missouri.

We traveled 5,221 miles and  it took us to Mississippi, Tennessee, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Illinois. We saw family, friends, pastors and supporting churches.  In August we will be in Nebraska, Tennessee, and Texas.

We are praying for an open door to minister to a missionary and their family and church. We have definite plans to return to the Czech Republic in May 2014 but are asking the Lord for an open door in the meantime. If you know of a missionary that needs to return home for furlough and needs someone to 'stand in the gap' please contact us or our church/pastor.