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Sunday, December 28, 2014

November/December 2014 prayer letter

Dear Pastor and Church,                                November/December 2014

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

As we look back over 2014 we are blessed and thankful to the LORD for meeting so many needs. The Lord has opened doors and provided for us beyond our expectations. We are thankful to those who support us in Standing In The Gap. As we talk to missionaries they tell us how much a furlough relief ministry is needed and we count it a blessing that the LORD is using us to meet that need.

Upon our return home from Europe we were able to share our burden for the Standing In The Gap ministry. We spent some time with our children and grandchildren both in Florida and Tennessee.  Cathy was able to attend several ladies retreats and I had opportunity to preach in our state prison and saw one man saved.  We also dealt with our house that had been flooded due to a frozen water line. The kitchen was a total loss and there was a lot of damage throughout, but, it is now 90% repaired and the LORD has blessed in so many ways.

December marks several highlights in our spiritual life including the occasion of our 40th spiritual birthday. It was because of the burden of a faithful man and his heart for the bus ministry. I was ordained in 1991 and December 2007, a missionary approached us about helping his work while he was on furlough, Standing In The Gap was born.  We are so blessed!!

We are willing to go anywhere, at home or abroad and ready to ‘stand in’ for a missionary or pastor. If you know of someone who needs to come home for furlough or a church in need of an interim pastor, have them get in touch with us or our pastor, Bill G. Marshall.

Standing In The Gap for your missionaries,

Leo and Cathy Paine
Isaiah 26:3-4

As we go through the CHRISTmas season 
and into the New Year take
time to remember the missionaries on the 
foreign field. They are away from home and missing
parents, brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren.
Send them a card or an email and let them know
 you are praying for them. 
Then pray for them.