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Recommendation from Pastor Scott Hall ~ Missionary to Africa

Fellowship Baptist Church
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Idamay, WV 26576                                    
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December 2010
Dear Pastor,

It is with much joy and confidence that I am writing this letter on behalf of Leo and Cathy Paine. I have known the Paines since my high school years, and my wife has known the Paines most of her life. Our witness of their lives is that they have always had the hearts of servants. Quietly and faithfully they have served churches as laymen, as "second men" at Churches, and also in the role of Pastor. It is of little surprise to me that God has called them to the ministry of being a help to Missionaries (or even Pastors of small struggling Churches) both here in the states and around the world. Helping in any capacity whether it be just giving encouragement and help during a discouraging time, or filling in as a missionary takes a much needed, or even emergency furlough. The need is real, and is great.
As you may know my family and I served the Lord for 8 years in the country of Kenya, E. Africa. There were times of great mountain top experiences and times also of dark valleys. It seemed that during those valley times God would send a visitor by to be an encouragement to us, and we would push on. I know first hand how the mission field can be, and the need for a family such as the Paines to make themselves available for short term stays to be a help to missionary family in need. The apostle Paul had MANY helpers. In the book of Philemon he called them fellowlabourers, fellowsoldiers, and fellowprisoners. Men and women that pulled along side of Paul in the work of spreading the gospel and they were a great help to him and the ministry and oft refreshed him! There has always been a need for this ministry, even since the days of Paul. Even Jesus had 12 men with him! To many times missionaries get lonely on the field and get weary and therefore many quit and leave the field and ministry. There is a great need for the ministry that God has called the Paines to. I pray you will consider supporting this family as they desire to be helpers of the spreading of the Gospel.
In His Service,
Pastor Scott Hall
Romans 1:16