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Friday, December 2, 2016

We saw a poll that was taken on December 2 that said,
"It is already December 2!! Do you think this
year has gone by fast, slow, or just right?
Of those that responded:
75% (including us) said has flown by
8% said it's been a slow year
16% say it's been a normal year.

We have been in Nauru since April 15
and time has just flown by.
Whatever field we are on we always
encourage the people to pray for their pastor.
Nauru is no different.
For the last month or so we have reminded the people
that the Pastor McGeorge and family will
return in 6 Sundays and the
countdown is on!!!
 If the Lord should bring the McGeorge family to your
mind please pray for them as they prepare to say
goodbye to loved ones and return to their home
and church.
We never get tired of the ocean.
 Teens are teens no matter the country - hanging around after school.

Some of the little girls in Sunday School.