Leo & Cathy Paine "Standing In The Gap" for the missionary.
Filling the gap through FURLOUGH RELIEF!
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pastor Gwinn 
Thank you Pastor Jack Gwinn for allowing us
 to present our next trip to Nauru while we are 
 'Standinging In The Gap' for missionaries
Adam and Christie McGeorge. 
Still Waters Baptist Church is a gracious and loving group 
and they made us feel right at home.
We also want to thank you for
the fellowship and meal
after the service.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Blessings of God!

We are truly blessed ...
the Lord has provided us with a vehicle.
We will be on the furlough trail
for 5 months before we head to Nauru.
Thank you Bible Baptist Temple
for being such a blessing to us.

We are traveling in MO, TN and GA.
Our grandchildren discovered
a DVD player in the
van and that is 'cool'.
Sunday morning we will
be with Pastor Jack Gwinn
and Still Waters Baptist Church.

Friday, December 2, 2011

A little late!

Even though we have been home a week I wanted to post these...
Thank you for those who prayed regarding our trip home. No fog
issues until we reached Philadelphia and where we were
delayed 2 1/2 hours. Still we made it safely back to St. Joseph.

Nearly ready to go home!

At the Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.
Thanks to all the people in the church in
Velp for their wonderful hospitality.
The blessing was ours!

Leaving Amsterdam!

In the air and headed 'home'...


We have been home a week and are
going 'on the road' on Saturday to
raise support for our next stop --- Nauru!
Headed to Lincoln and Seward, Nebraska!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Good bye...


"Finally, brethren, farewell,..." 2 Corinthian 13:11

We want to thank the people of
"Bijbel Baptiten Gemeente" in Velp the Netherlands.
They are a loving and giving group of church folk.
We will mis them BUT "Standing In The Gap" is
just that...we are there for only a short time
and we say good-bye!

We look forward to spending time
with you again, if not here than
in eternity!

All the ladies!
The teen girls and children.

Please pray for us on Tuesday, we leave the house
at 6:30 am.  Fog will be an issue so we ask
that you pray for safety for us and those
traveling our direction.
We fly out of Schiphol in Amsterdam
at 12:35 and arrive in KC at 10:59 pm!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Kamp Westerbork

Leo and Richard patiently waiting for the ladies!
We stopped and had lunch before we headed to
Kamp Westerbork.

Kamp Westerbork was a concentration
camp in the Netherlands during WW II.
The Nazi occupying forces deported
more than 100,000 Jews via this transit camp.
The camp was originally built in 1939 by the
Dutch government as a Central Refugee Camp
for Jews fleeing Germany.
In 1942, it became a transit camp headed
by the SS.  From July of that year,
the Dutch Jews, German refugees,
245 Sinti and Roma and dozens of resistance
fighters were deported from this
'hell's gate' to death camps such as
Auschwitz and Sobibor.
A total of 93 transports left the camp,
and only 5,000 of those deported
returned alive.
The National Westerbork Memorial symbolises
the destruction.  And the former
roll-call site, the 102,000 stones have been placed.
A stone for EVERY murdered man,
woman and child.

(a camp within the camp)

One of the victims was Anne Frank. Her father Otto
was among the few survivors. They were sent
to Kamp Westerbork after the arrest in their
secret hiding in Amsterdam. In the camp,
they were sent to the punishment blocks where
they were to stay for several weeks. In
these punishment blocks, the Nazi's detained not only
people who had been arrested while in hiding,
but also camp prisoners who were being punished.
Their fate was to be put on punishment transport
as soon as possible.
On 3 September 1944, one of the last trains left
Kamp Westerbrok. Anne Frank was among
the 1,019 deportees on that train, as
were her sister Margot, her parents, Otto and
Edith Frank, and the others wo had been
hiding with them.
(original tracks)
The signs at Westerbork remind us of the destinations
of the trains that left Westerbork: Auschwitz,
Sobibor, Bergen-Belsen, Theresienstadt, and
In the heart of Kamp Westerbork, visitors
will find the Jerusalem Stone, unveiled
by the President of Israel.

The camp was demolished in 1970 - only memorials
stand today along with a musuem.

"Let us never forget!"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Many Cultures!

Please pray for the church here
in Arnhem/Velp as they
reach out to those
in the community of many
different cultural

Monday, October 31, 2011

30 October

Fall has arrived in Arnhem!
Some of the trees have lost their leaves!

"To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose
under the heaven:"

Some of the girls in the church.
Salina, Charlotte, Elsa, and Nina.
Elsa celebrated her 13th birthday today.

TEEN NIGHT...Friday the 28th.

1. 2.

1.  Some of the teens and teen leader Jacob. Ilza (middle on the 
     couch) and brother, Rob, on the far right are going to be
     baptized after Bro. Spoelstra returns from the U.S.
2.  Preparing for the singing!

22 more days and we will be returning home,
we are anxious to see our
family and church!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Remember...in the days of thy youth...

My birthplace and home until I was 9 years old.

My maternal grandparent's home.

Cousins and sisters. Thea, Ans, Toos and me.

It was a wonderful time to return 'home'.
We had a great time together remembering things
of our childhood.
We talked about parents and family, some sad times
and some happy times.
Thanks girls for the visit...we hope to do it again.

Our Sunday services were very encouraging.
Attendance was up, a family that were members but
had moved away, returned for a visit.
A college student from Germany, Andreas, brought a couple
of visitors from his home church.
Elsa was able to be there after her surgery.
The Lord has been strengthening us and the church in our 'faith'.
Hebrews 11:6

Reports from Bible Baptist Temple in St. Joseph, MO are
that the first service in our new building went very well.
God has certainly blessed.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our daughter and son-in-law!

We wanted to add this to our blog to inform family, friends, and those that pray for us about our son-in-law and daughter, the Lord is taking them in a new direction. We covet your prayers for them as they serve HIM.

~A New Direction In Life~

by John and Amy Foster on Monday, October 17, 2011
To our Family & Friends,
     We want to let you know about something we've decided to do.  After much prayer & counsel we feel that the Lord is calling us to enter the ministry full time!
     As many of you know our church has purchased a new building in town & we've all been busy renovating it with the help of a team of workers from "Cornerstone Baptist Builders".  This group of men & their wives travel across the US working on churches to help with renovations, building or various other projects.  John has always been intrigued by this ministry and has talked about how interesting it is.  John talked with our pastor, Bill Marshall, and shared with him the thought that the Lord might be calling us to join this group.  Pastor Marshall encouraged John to sincerely pray about this & to spend as much time working in the new building w/the Cornerstone men as he could. 
     After months of considering & praying and just waiting on the Lord for clear direction - we've surrendered to join with the Cornerstone Baptist Builders and become part of their team.  This will mean HUGE changes in our lives, which we feel we are ready for.  It's amazing to go back over the past few years and see how the Lord has worked in our thoughts, hearts and actions to prepare us for this time in our lives!!  We will be traveling with the team all over the US, we will be living in a 5th Wheel trailer.  We are considering selling our home but aren't settled on the idea yet.
     As you can imagine, we have many things to think about and prepare for.  We will be considered missionaries and will be raising support from churches.   We ask you to pray with us as we have many things to do & we want to be sure to do it right.
     We love you all & wanted you to know about our decision!  If you have any questions please feel free to message us and we will answer them.  Our children & parents are 100% behind us in this ministry & we hope you will be too!                               Much love, John & Amy
     Some of you know about Cornerstone Baptist Builders but many of our friends do not - their website is www.cornerstonebaptistbuilders.com   Please check it out and see what the Lord is calling us to do!!! 

Rotterdam *pictures*

Saturday Richard, Antoinette and daughter Elsa took Leo and I
to Rotterdam.  The third largest seaport in the world.
It was from Rotterdam that as a 9 year old girl I left
Holland with my family in December 1957 and
arrived in New York City on January 6, 1958.

It was cold and windy!

This is the Holland American Line main terminal (then) that
we left our family behind and headed to a new life. You
have to imagine it without the skyskrapers behind it.
My memories of this building was a huge building
but as you can see it is dwarfed by these
tall buildings.

Another view of the Holand American Line.

A small container ship on the North Sea headed who knows where.
The place where I stood to take this picture was land that the Dutch
have taken back from the sea.

Richard is a truck driver and is in Rotterdam several times
a week to pick up containers and delivers them
all over Europe. What man doesn't enjoy
seeing a truck like this.

A clear testimony of where Richard stands.
They also have 'heavenbound' on the back of the family car!

We all love shoe shopping don't we!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Gap

"And I sought for a man...that should...stand in the gap...
Ezekiel 22:30

Monday, October 10, 2011

Teens and Sunday!

We had a teen activity on Friday night and it was very enjoyable. They had a devotion, Bible quiz, food, and lots of fun. 

Oct. 9th services were a real blessing. Attendance was good and the spirit was wonderful. Cathy and I had one of the college boys, Andreas, come to our house for lunch. He helps out with the teen group, he is from Germany he also speaks Dutch and English.Our Sunday night service is in English and no translator, we had a good group out and we enjoyed the fellowship after the service.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Faithful People

We are thankful for the faithful church members
of Bijbel Baptisten Geemeente.
Several families have had us to their homes
and tonight we had a traditional dutch meal.
It brought back memories of my mother.

Please pray for one of the members, Dianna, her
sister-in-law died of a stroke while on vacation with her family.
Dianna has experience three deaths in her family in two years
and all were unsaved. Please pray that the family will be
open to Diannaand her husband as they would
again attempt to witness to them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday LEO!
I love serving the LORD together...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday am in Arnhem

Sunday Morning in Arnhem

Our first Sunday morning in Arnhem was a real blessing. We witnessed a husband and wife being
baptized, a real joy to this congregation. 
Pastor John Spoelstra and wife Joanne will be headed to the states tomorrow.

Bro. and Mrs. Spoelstra and Leo and Cathy

Bijbel Baptisten Gemeente
Arnhem, Netherlands

The Lord has certainly blessed the church with a beautiful building.

Friday, September 16, 2011

France and on to Holland.

 This is the first opportunity I have had to update in quite some time. Computer problems and no internet connnection.

We have said good bye to the Rettigs in Prague and we flew to France to spend about 10 days with my brother who we have not seen since 1997. He picked us up in Lyon and we drove to Lachau where he lives. This picturesque little town has a population of 50.  A beautiful place! 

The sheep are brought back through the town to a place of
protection for the night!

Jerry and I!  He was saved in 1997
on a visit to Seward, Nebraska where
Leo pastored Calvary Baptist Church.

As we were driving to Holland we made
a stop in France where Jerry and I
have an uncle and aunt that I
had not seen for 40 years.

Leo and I with my Ome Jannus and Aunt Mina, he is
my father's younger brother.

After we left there we headed to Arnhem, Holland
where we will stand in the gap for
the next two months.

More to come...