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Monday, October 17, 2011

Rotterdam *pictures*

Saturday Richard, Antoinette and daughter Elsa took Leo and I
to Rotterdam.  The third largest seaport in the world.
It was from Rotterdam that as a 9 year old girl I left
Holland with my family in December 1957 and
arrived in New York City on January 6, 1958.

It was cold and windy!

This is the Holland American Line main terminal (then) that
we left our family behind and headed to a new life. You
have to imagine it without the skyskrapers behind it.
My memories of this building was a huge building
but as you can see it is dwarfed by these
tall buildings.

Another view of the Holand American Line.

A small container ship on the North Sea headed who knows where.
The place where I stood to take this picture was land that the Dutch
have taken back from the sea.

Richard is a truck driver and is in Rotterdam several times
a week to pick up containers and delivers them
all over Europe. What man doesn't enjoy
seeing a truck like this.

A clear testimony of where Richard stands.
They also have 'heavenbound' on the back of the family car!

We all love shoe shopping don't we!

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