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Monday, October 17, 2011

Our daughter and son-in-law!

We wanted to add this to our blog to inform family, friends, and those that pray for us about our son-in-law and daughter, the Lord is taking them in a new direction. We covet your prayers for them as they serve HIM.

~A New Direction In Life~

by John and Amy Foster on Monday, October 17, 2011
To our Family & Friends,
     We want to let you know about something we've decided to do.  After much prayer & counsel we feel that the Lord is calling us to enter the ministry full time!
     As many of you know our church has purchased a new building in town & we've all been busy renovating it with the help of a team of workers from "Cornerstone Baptist Builders".  This group of men & their wives travel across the US working on churches to help with renovations, building or various other projects.  John has always been intrigued by this ministry and has talked about how interesting it is.  John talked with our pastor, Bill Marshall, and shared with him the thought that the Lord might be calling us to join this group.  Pastor Marshall encouraged John to sincerely pray about this & to spend as much time working in the new building w/the Cornerstone men as he could. 
     After months of considering & praying and just waiting on the Lord for clear direction - we've surrendered to join with the Cornerstone Baptist Builders and become part of their team.  This will mean HUGE changes in our lives, which we feel we are ready for.  It's amazing to go back over the past few years and see how the Lord has worked in our thoughts, hearts and actions to prepare us for this time in our lives!!  We will be traveling with the team all over the US, we will be living in a 5th Wheel trailer.  We are considering selling our home but aren't settled on the idea yet.
     As you can imagine, we have many things to think about and prepare for.  We will be considered missionaries and will be raising support from churches.   We ask you to pray with us as we have many things to do & we want to be sure to do it right.
     We love you all & wanted you to know about our decision!  If you have any questions please feel free to message us and we will answer them.  Our children & parents are 100% behind us in this ministry & we hope you will be too!                               Much love, John & Amy
     Some of you know about Cornerstone Baptist Builders but many of our friends do not - their website is www.cornerstonebaptistbuilders.com   Please check it out and see what the Lord is calling us to do!!! 

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