Leo & Cathy Paine "Standing In The Gap" for the missionary.
Filling the gap through FURLOUGH RELIEF!
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Recommendation from Missionary Jon Rettig/Czech Republic

field address:
Jon and Emilie Rettig, Hogerova 15, 152 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic, 011-420-251-554-024
Sending Church: New Testament Baptist Church, PO Box 40, Larimore, ND 58251 701-343-2122

The Rettigs in Prague, Czech Republic

It was a great help and blessing to have Bro. Leo Paine “stand in the gap” for me while while we were away for a summer furlough in 2007. Having pastored for a number of years prior to embarking on their current ministry, he is well qualified for this ministry. The church which Bro. Leo pastored did and continues to faithfully support our work here in Prague, Czech Republic.  The Paines were here in Prague from May to August of 2007. Bro. Leo handled all of our services, preaching and teaching with interpretation by one of our members. Their ministry here was very good for our people, and they were all quite thankful to have them here during our absence. The

Paines raised their own support to be able to come and, as a missionary, I can tell you that this is a tremendous blessing. The cost of furlough alone can pose a great financial burden and had it been necessary to fund the bringing of someone to fill in for me, we could not have had this much needed furlough time.

Because of Bro. Leo’s years of experience and doctrinal soundness as an independent Baptist, pastor, our people were very well taught in our absence. Bro. Leo possesses a true pastoral heart and together with his faithful and capable wife, Cathy, they cared well for our people. I highly recommend them to any missionary or pastor in need of someone to tend to their ministry during a furlough or necessary temporary absence from the pulpit. I personally look forward to their being able to again stand in the gap in Prague during future furlough times for us.

Your Servant in Christ,
Missionary Jon Rettig

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