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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Most recent letter

Dear Pastor and Church,                                                                       June / July 2015
We had the blessed opportunity to go with a group of 15 from our church to the Navajo Reservation in Fruitland, New Mexico.  We had several novel experiences on this trip, for me it was the street preaching at a busy intersection; it was certainly outside of my normal preaching routine. We then moved to a shopping mall parking lot where Cathy had the opportunity to hand a John & Romans to a young lady that was coming over to see what was going on. Cathy realized that her accent indicated that she was not American and asked her where she was from. She told her the Netherlands that is where Cathy was born. The Lord brought this group with a broken down vehicle so she could receive a John & Romans. She told Cathy that she was searching and claimed to be an atheist but thought there might be a God. Cathy encouraged her to take the John & Romans and to read it when she had opportunity and to open her heart to what it said. If this story comes to mind please pray for her and her salvation. Small world isn't it.
 .This week we are headed to Merriam, Kansas, then off to Billings, Montana followed by Salt Lake City, Utah. We will be back home in St. Joseph in time to work in our Vacation Bible School.  Part of August we will be going to Chattanooga, TN and then the GIBM meeting at our church in September.
In October, we leave for Fiji to Stand In The Gap for missionary Paul W. and Martha Daku. We are looking forward to watching over the ministry for the Daku’s while they take a much needed furlough.  Please pray for the financial needs we have for this Fiji trip.

Standing In The Gap for your missionaries,
Leo and Cathy Paine
Isaiah 26:3-4