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Monday, February 21, 2011


We returned from the IFB meeting in West Virginia on Thursday, February 17. The meeting was held at Bible Baptist Temple, Pastor Chuck Maddeaus.  The meeting had excellent preaching and music.  The church fed us lunch and dinner, it was outstanding.

We stayed with college friends Gene and Barb Hall, what a blessing that was. We also attended Sunday services at Fellowship Baptist Church in Idamay. Scott Hall is the pastor, former missionary to Kenya, East Africa. It was a real blessing to see Laurie and the boys, we have known Laurie since she was a little girl. Laurie was in our youth group in Vermont, it was different to see her as the Pastors wife.  We also met Hannah K., she is the daughter of Mark and Donna K. I worked with Mark in Pennsylvania many years ago.

We made many contacts and left information about 'Standing in the Gap' with about 20 preachers. The plan is to contact them in a few days and see what the response is.  Please pray about that.

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