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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our trip to Illinois was great, fellowship sweet. Services at Faith Baptist Temple were tremendous. There were at least 100 people there, I sat next to Alice, she lives in Eureka and she told me she plans to return to the church. We will be praying for the Barr's as they minister to the people of Eureka, Illinois.

Our time at Averyville BC was wonderful. We had the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Skerrye and she is looking great. She is such a prayer warrior! There were people at the pm service that were there when we went to college - faithful people. ABC put us up in there prophet chamber and it was very relaxing.

Please continue to pray regarding our car. The part Leo installed before the trip did not take care of the stalling problem and we are now at 197,000 miles. We are not sure what the next step will be, we learned about a mechanic that Erich has used in the past and Leo plans to give him a call and see if we can resolve this problem.

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