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Thursday, April 21, 2011

We arrived back in Chattanooga this morning at 3:30 AM. It was a very long trip.

We left St. Joseph at 7am made a stop in Leavenworth at the VA for several appointments. But we were on our way by 9 am. I had a 2:00 appointment at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to donate platelets. While I was doing that Leo had opportunity to visit with Bro. Bob and Mary Johnston. After my initial paperwork was done they checked my blood and to my disappointment my iron was too low and I could not donate.

After finding Mary's room and visiting with her for a bit, she looks better and her numbers are going up, we headed to Chattanooga.  All was going well but about the time it was dark we had a blowout on the rear of the van. By the time we were pulled over there was nothing left to the tire. We praise the Lord for his watch care over us - it was a nuisance but that was all. After traveling about 10 minutes traffic came to a stop and we sat on the highway for 2 hours, their had been an accident and no one was getting through. We were about 20 miles south of Nashville. Once traffic started again it began to rain and it was still raining when we pulled in the yard in Chattanooga.  All in all it was a long drive but really it was without incidence.

While we were home I attended our ladies meeting "Journey to the Son". There were nearly 500 ladies in attendance.  After the meeting we headed to Lincoln, Nebraska and spent the weekend with our dearest friends Bro. Dan and Jeannie Inman. At Plains Baptist Church, Pastor Ray Smith, Leo presented 'Standing in the Gap' during Sunday School and preached the afternoon service. We then headed to Seward, Nebraska, Pastor Tim Ruegg, and we again presented 'SITG' and Leo preached. It was a blessing to be back in the church again where we spent 9 years pastoring. Both churches were such a blessing to us - Thank You!

And a very special thanks to Pastor Dan Inman and Jeannie for the extra-ordinary gifts - we are truly humbled by your generosity.

Please continue to pray as we finish up school with the grandkids by the end of May. We are due in the Czech Republic on June 15 and there is much to do!

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