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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back Home!

We returned last evening around 9:15 pm from La Plata, Maryland where we attended a mission conference at Bethel Baptist Church, Pastor Billy Sutton. They were such a tremendous blessing to us, the people are very friendly and kind.  We had wonderful meals, great fellowship and we made some new friend! The primary speaker was Pastor Randall Moody of Battlefield, Missouri but Leo presented "Standing In The Gap" and he preached Friday evening!  Sunday we finished out the day with a meal and an early afternoon service. We rested for a few hours and we all drove to Deale, Maryland, Bro. Moody preached but Leo had another opportunity to present "Standing in the Gap" to the people of First Baptist Church. We praise the LORD for HIS goodness to us.

We went into Washington DC several times and we went to the top of Washington Monument, saw the White House, Vietnam Wall, Arlington Cemetery where we saw the changing of the guards and had a private tour of the Pentagon.  All in all it was amazing!

Thank You Bro. Sutton, Mrs. Sutton and Bethel Baptist Church!

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