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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Faithful People

We are thankful for the faithful church members
of Bijbel Baptisten Geemeente.
Several families have had us to their homes
and tonight we had a traditional dutch meal.
It brought back memories of my mother.

Please pray for one of the members, Dianna, her
sister-in-law died of a stroke while on vacation with her family.
Dianna has experience three deaths in her family in two years
and all were unsaved. Please pray that the family will be
open to Diannaand her husband as they would
again attempt to witness to them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday LEO!
I love serving the LORD together...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday am in Arnhem

Sunday Morning in Arnhem

Our first Sunday morning in Arnhem was a real blessing. We witnessed a husband and wife being
baptized, a real joy to this congregation. 
Pastor John Spoelstra and wife Joanne will be headed to the states tomorrow.

Bro. and Mrs. Spoelstra and Leo and Cathy

Bijbel Baptisten Gemeente
Arnhem, Netherlands

The Lord has certainly blessed the church with a beautiful building.

Friday, September 16, 2011

France and on to Holland.

 This is the first opportunity I have had to update in quite some time. Computer problems and no internet connnection.

We have said good bye to the Rettigs in Prague and we flew to France to spend about 10 days with my brother who we have not seen since 1997. He picked us up in Lyon and we drove to Lachau where he lives. This picturesque little town has a population of 50.  A beautiful place! 

The sheep are brought back through the town to a place of
protection for the night!

Jerry and I!  He was saved in 1997
on a visit to Seward, Nebraska where
Leo pastored Calvary Baptist Church.

As we were driving to Holland we made
a stop in France where Jerry and I
have an uncle and aunt that I
had not seen for 40 years.

Leo and I with my Ome Jannus and Aunt Mina, he is
my father's younger brother.

After we left there we headed to Arnhem, Holland
where we will stand in the gap for
the next two months.

More to come...