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Sunday, August 26, 2012


We had an unexpected visitor the other day, a
visitor that is not at all demanding. It
keeps the bug population down and that
is a HUGE blessing.
Not that I would want one of these
critters all over the house but I do like the
fact that they take care of some of mosquitoes.
Although the attendance was up from the
week before the number of children
were down. Ever since we had vehicle problems
the number of children attending has gone
down so ...
We are going to make
Saturday visits to encourage them to return.
It was extremely humid Sunday morning and
since there were so few of us we met inside. (That
was more for the teacher than the kids~the kids
don't mind the humidity at all)
These children loved class and ALL participated.
Left to right
She, Sina, Mabel, Dash, and Joe.

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