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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zach loves 'Teen Time', he is a faithful young man.
He rides the wagon every Sunday and helps people on and off the wagon.

Jameson the young man on the left took Leo Noddy bird hunting
Saturday night. They do it with long poles and nets.
You kill them by biting the heads and crushing the skull, NO Leo
did NOT do that but Jameson did.
Leo brought two of them home. Some of the feathers had been
removed, Leo removed the wings, head, and feet and they are ready to
eat. We have to figure out how to cook them and we will give it
a try.
This is B-Beak he is Washington's youngest son. He is patiently waiting
for the grownups to figure out how everyone will get home
after Sunday am service and we discovered a flat tire on the wagon.
Never fear everyone got home ~ thanks for your help Elizabeth.

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