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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Travels ... Home Again

We have returned home after nearly 2 months on the road, it is great to sleep in our own bed. We traveled accident free and no breakdowns with the van, what a blessing. Tonight for the first time in two months we will be in our home church of Bible Baptist Temple in St. Joseph, Missouri.

We traveled 5,221 miles and  it took us to Mississippi, Tennessee, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Illinois. We saw family, friends, pastors and supporting churches.  In August we will be in Nebraska, Tennessee, and Texas.

We are praying for an open door to minister to a missionary and their family and church. We have definite plans to return to the Czech Republic in May 2014 but are asking the Lord for an open door in the meantime. If you know of a missionary that needs to return home for furlough and needs someone to 'stand in the gap' please contact us or our church/pastor.

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