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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Míří do Prahy ~ Headed to Prague!!

Míří do Prahy
Headed to Prague!!
On December 26 we leave VERY early for Prague
to 'Stand In The Gap' for
missionaries Jon and Emilie Rettig.
We are excited about the opportunity to help them
as they go on furlough. 
Our address while we are there is:
Leo Paine
c/o Rettigovi
Toskanska 2500/1
253 01 Hostivice
Ceske republika
Mail can be sent and appreciated to this address until April 1!
We will also spend a couple of weeks in a small work in the
Netherlands and we can be reached there at:
Leo Paine
c/o Richard & Antoinette Groenewold
Grobbenhof 31
6932 ck Westervoort NL
We leave the Netherlands April 24 to return home.
We covet your prayers during this time and we will be
praying for YOU!!!
Have a blessed MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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