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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Almost time to head home.

Our time in Fiji is drawing to a close.  Its hard to believe 
that 5 months has nearly passed since our
arrival. We have met some sweet folk who
love the Lord. That is one thing about
this Standing In The Gap ministry you get to meet
some of God's amazing people but you also
have to leave them behind. We know that someday
we will get to spend eternity with some them. Since
our arrival in Fiji we have seen 6 souls saved.

Pastor Paul W. Daku (R) and Deacon  Bro. Eliki (L)
and men praying over Leo before Daku's
 left in October 2015.

Christmas program 2015 with teens and children.

The Hindi Festival of Lights gods the Hindus purchase in the stores.
We will be flying home on February 29 and spending about
a month and half before we fly out for the
island of Nauru where we will 'Stand In' for
missionaries Adam and Christie McGeorge. This
will be our second time we will be
'standing in' for the McGeorge's and look
forward to being with the people of International
Baptist Church of Nauru.

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