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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our first Sunday has come and gone!  The church has grown since we were here in 2007.  Now there are 3 children and another one on the way (today, June 22).  We saw new faces young and old, an elderly man from the neighborhood, and a young woman from Belarus who has been attending for a while. Within the last two weeks her parents and brother have moved from Belarus to Prague and they were also there.  Of course, all the faithful folk greeted us warmly and we felt right at home!

Evening service is in another city one hour away. We rode with faithful members, Pavel and Jana, and had great fellowship. Pavel preached, in Czech, and a woman got saved. It was a glorious trip home rejoicing in the Lord.

Please continue to pray for Missionaries Jon and Emilie Rettig while they are on a much needed furlough.

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