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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Blessing!

     Sunday, December 19, we had the blessing of being  with Pastor and Mrs. Jack Gwinn at Still Waters Baptist Church in Knoxville TN. Bro Gwinn was our pastor at Averyville Baptist Church and  our college president at Fellowship Baptist College in Peoria Illinois.  It was  wonderful to see them again, Bro. Gwinn has been sick but the LORD has brought him through and he is feeling and looking great.  He gave my husband opportunity to give testimony about what the Lord has done and is doing in our lives.  The folks at Still Waters Baptist Church were very cordial and excited to hear about our ministry.

     We also got to see a daughter of a family that used to be at Averyville, her mom sat next to me in choir.  This young woman (Amber) remembered my face but not my name. I saw her name in the bulletin and figured out who she was because she was sitting next to Mrs. Gwinn.  It is a blessing to see young people who stay serving the LORD as they grow up!

     After the service we went to lunch with them and  we reminisced about our college days, we had a sweet time of fellowship.  Since Bro. Gwinn did not know we would be attending services he has invited us to come back at a later date to present the ministry.

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