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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Will you pray??????

The burden of a missionary:

Masha is a medical student in Prague who is from Belarus. She has been coming faithfully since the Couriers for Christ campaign in September. She said she normally doesn’t take flyers that are handed out, but when she got the flyer about the special campaign service, it was as if her hand had just went out to take it. When she looked at it and saw the Bible, she knew God wanted her to have it. She came to the campaign service and has been coming ever since. Her parents in Minsk, formerly Russian Orthodox, have now told her they recently got saved in a Baptist Church! They are telling her she needs to get saved. Praise the Lord, He is clearly at work in Masha’s life. She went home this week to Minsk for Christmas. Her parents are getting baptized.

Masha expressed concerns the other day before she flew back about the political situation in Belarus and the elections this weekend. Her fears were not ungrounded as you can see from the following article from CNN today. Please pray for Masha – her salvation, safety, and also the future situation in Belarus especially as it relates to her and her now saved, baptized parents.

Scenes, video and commentary from Belarus.

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